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Middle East -Overview
The Middle East is a geographical and cultural area comprising the lands around the southern and eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea, a territory that extends from the eastern Mediterranean Sea to the Persian Gulf. The Middle East is a subregion of Africa-Eurasia, or more specifically Asia, and sometimes Africa.
The term Middle East defines a general area, so does not have precise borders. It is generally taken to include: Bahrain, Egypt, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Syria, the United Arab Emirates, Yemen and disputed territories of the West Bank and the Gaza Strip.The countries of the Maghreb (Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia) are frequently linked to the Middle East due to their strong historical and cultural associations, as is Sudan. The African countries Mauritania and Somalia also have links to the region. Turkey and Cyprus, although geographically close to the Middle East, consider themselves to be part of Europe. To the east, Afghanistan is sometimes linked to the Middle East.
Middle East-History
One of the earliest civilizations was founded in Mesopotamia around 2400 BC. The Sumerians, Babylonians, Assyrians and others built important states. Not long afterwards an even more advanced civilisation developed in Egypt.From about 500 BC onward, several empires dominated the region, beginning with the Persian Empire that ruled much of Mesopotamia, Syria and Persia itself, until it was defeated by the Macedonian king Alexander the Great, who conquered the Empire in the 4th century BC. This led to the spread of Greek language and culture, and Greek-speaking dynasties, such as the Seleucids in Syria and the Ptolemies in Egypt, ruled the region for the next 200 years.
In the 1st century BC, the expanding Roman Republic absorbed the whole Eastern Mediterranean area, and under the Roman Empire the region was united with most of Europe and North Africa in a single political and economic unit. This unity facilitated the spread of Christianity, and by the 5th century the whole region was Christian. The rule of Rome was succeeded in the 4th century AD by that of Constantinople, which led to the creation of a Greek-speaking, Christian Empire, known to historians as the Byzantine Empire, which ruled from the Balkans to the Euphrates. Further east, however, the Persian Empire was revived by the Parthians and later the Sassanids.
As a result of the unifying effects of Roman and Byzantine rule, there was no real distinction between what is now Europe and what is now the Middle East until the 7th century AD. Anatolia, Syria, Palestine and Egypt were all Christian and Greek speaking, united culturally and politically with the Greco-Roman world under the rule of Constantinople, while Mesopotamia (modern Iraq) formed a buffer zone between the Byzantine and Persian Empires.
The decisive event in the creation of the Middle East as a distinct cultural region was the rise of Islam in the Arabian Peninsula. In 634 the followers of Mohammed set out from Medina. They occupied Palestine in 636, Mesopotamia in 637, Syria and Egypt in 640 and Persia in 642. The Byzantines succeeded in preventing the Arabs from seizing Anatolia, which remained Christian until the arrival of the Turks 400 years later. The majority of the population in the areas conquered by the Arabs converted to Islam within two generations, creating a permanent cultural frontier between Europe and the Muslim world.
Although the united caliphate created by the first wave of Arab conquests broke up into a series of smaller caliphates and emirates by the late 9th century, the Arabs remained unchallenged in the zone between the Nile and the Tigris (as well as in North Africa and most of Spain) for more than 400 years. To the east, however, Persia soon reasserted its independence, and furthermore adopted a form of Islam, Shi'ism, which the Sunni Muslim Arabs saw as heretical. This created a permanent eastern border to the Arab-Islamic world, although Islam continued to spread to the east, into India and Indonesia.
During this period the Arab world, under the Umayyad, Abbasid and Fatimid caliphates, was the centre of cultural and economic activity in the western half of Eurasia. While Europe endured repeated invasions and saw its population and economic life fall back sharply from the days of the Roman Empire, the great Arab cities such as Cairo, Alexandria, Basra, Damascus and, above all, the splendid metropolis of Baghdad supported a large population, a prosperous trading economy and a rich cultural life. Arab literature, architecture, medicine and science were far in advance of anything surviving in western Europe. In all of Christendom, only the fading power of Constantinople was able to compete with the Arab world.
Middle East-Culture
The Middle East is built on a magnificent legacy of civilizations dating back to ancient times. Science, the arts, written language, mathematics, a legal system, and other hallmarks of civilization flourished in ancient Sumer, Persia, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East, leaving a lasting influence on the later cultures of Greece and Rome. Today, the Middle East continues to offer the world a rich cultural contribution, as home to three major world religions, a vibrant entertainment industry, a fascinating tradition of folkloric music and dance, and a growing economic power base.
Middle East-Religion
The Middle East is perceived as the first region where Islam commenced to spread, and as its first cultural center. In addition to Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia, Damascus, Baghdad, Jerusalem and Cairo are very important cultural and settlement centers. In the history of Islam, the importance of these locations is not only appreciated by the regional societies but by other Muslim countries as well.
From the Christian perspective, religions were born in the Middle East. Jesus and his apostles lived in Jerusalem and elsewhere in the region. These lands were considered for 700 years as the center of Christendom and were perceived as a region that needed to be rescued from the unbelievers. As a matter of fact, throughout history, primarily the Crusades but also other wars in the Middle East emerged due to religion. Christians who perceived the Muslims as usurpers took on a mission to free these lands from the unbelievers. However, the Christian population was never strong enough to control the region. Even in Lebanon where Christians held political power, they were defeated by demographic realities.
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